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More than once upon a time in Hollywood, the passion of making a movie and the realities of production have failed to come in sync, leaving behind only the dreams and whispers of a film that Never Happened. Joining this illustrious club of rejects, John and Andy dig into the vault of old and new movies that failed to make it to the starting line...while also debating the merits of many that did. From a lost Kubrick epic to one more adventure with Snake, Harry, Axel and Max, the Saloon kicks open the attic to sneak a glimpse into the great WHAT IF.

Clips found during the making of
"Never Happened"


E.T. II - Nocturnal Fears
Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon
Night Skies
Coppola's Megaopolis
Godfather III (w/ Tom Hagen)
Cameron's Spider-Man
Joe Eszterhaus' SACRED COWS
True Lies 2
Gary Coleman / Emmanuel Lewis Project
The Sky Is Falling

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