Early Works

Discussion of The Early/Student Films of some of Hollywoods Biggest Directors Before 2001, Raging Bull, The Terminator, E.T., JFK, Safe, Star Wars, Back To The Future, Boogie Nights, Pulp Fiction, Do The Right Thing and sex, lies and videotape...they were just young movie watchers with a dream. A passion. A cinematic vision so strong that no force on Earth would be able to stop the creation of their first works as filmmakers. From the black and white student films of 16mm, to home grown Ektachrome Super 8 movies to VHS flicks edited with two VCRs, the early talent and creativity of these filmmakers was in full force years before they directed their first feature films. Now John and Andy go back to film school and reach deep into the celluloid closet to unearth these Early Works and learn how these youthful building blocks of discovery would later produce some of the most important motion pictures and filmmakers of the late 20th century.

THE FILMS: Click Graphic to view Film

Day of the Fight Whats a Nice Girl.. It's Not Just you Murray! The Big Shave
Last year in Vietnam Boy and Bicycle
The Alphabet 1:42:08
Freihiet Electronic Labyrinth THX1138 4EB
Amblin The Lift
A Field of Honor Xenogenesis
Vincent Proof
Superstar Dirk Diggler Story
Joe's Bed Stuy Barbershop My Best Friend's Birthday
Winston It's Impossible to learn..

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