Bond Never Dies pt. 3

Four Bonds down, two to go. From the rebirthof Goldeneye to the reboot of Casino Royale, Bond steps into the 90's and beyond. After a long six year absence, 007 is back in action with Pierce Brosnan filling out the tux and giving the Aston Martin a proper spin. In four larger-than-life missions, Brosnan carries the 007 torch through the post Cold War,and helps to keep the character alive and vital. After a four mission imposed retirement, Brosnan is replaced by the boldest Bond move of them all -- a reboot back to the beginning with the very first Bond story of them all -- and a new James Bond to play the hand. In Part III of theBOND NEVER DIES Spectacular, Andy and John join the ranks of 007 fans everywhere and sign on for the initiation of Daniel Craig and the rebirth of James Bond for the 21st century

Devin Hunt Illustration

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