Bond Never Dies pt. 1

A good spy never retires, he is only reborn. Moore, Roger Moore takes the helm of the most famous franchise in movie history, bringing with him a new style and attitude to James Bond 007. From Live and Let Die through A View To A Kill, Moore would take on the tuxedo for more missions than any 007 to date -- even going where no Bond has gone before, into outer space. With the new Bond came a new size and growth to the 007 legend, ushering in a new generation of fans and continuing to thrill and amaze audiences with the most outlandish and record-breaking stunts ever captured on film. In Part II of the BOND NEVER DIES Spectacular, Andy and John trace the steps of Roger Moore in all seven of his 007 missions and follow the trail of Timothy Dalton as he steps into the most famous tux ever worn. James Bond would survive the 80's...and beyond.

Devin Hunt Illustration

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