Star Wars @ Home

A long time ago, in a VCR far far away, the home video revolution got a galactic boost when STAR WARS finally came home for repeat viewings. For the first time, fans could play, rewind, fast-forward and freeze-frame their favorite moments from the groundbreaking film. Now celebrating its 29th Anniversary, the STAR WARS HOME VIDEO SAGA adds a new chapter with the release of the original theatrical trilogy for the first time on DVD. Looking back at the Wampa trail of releases, Andy and John jump into hyperspace and celebrate the various issues, re-issues and redux's of every STAR WARS home video release. From VHS and Beta, to Laser Disc and DVD, the saga is given the ultimate Senate discussion, with many alterations by the Jedi and Dark Forces examined. Listen now, before a new release on video adds another chapter to this ongoing battle.

Devin Hunt Illustration

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