How do I get NITRATE?
--Make a donation of $16 or more to THE HOLLYWOOD SALOON and a FREE GIFT of NITRATE will be available to download.

Can I donate more than $16?
--Yes please. The Hollywood Saloon always welcomes any donation. We are very thankful for your continued generosity.

Why the need for a DONATION PAK?
--As the Saloon grows, so do the expenses. Currently, over $1,000 is required each year to pay for SERVERS to host old shows. The more popular the podcast, the more expensive it is to host on a server. Currently the Saloon is in debt and needs to pay off old and new bills.

Will the Saloon start charging for new shows like TERMINATOR and STAR TREK? (Upcoming Shows)
--No. NEVER EVER NEVER. The same Saloon shows that have been available for free since 2005 will continue to be available for free...and so will all the new shows.

Will the contents of NITRATE eventually be posted for free?
--No. The contents of NITRATE and future DONATION PAK's will not be made available on the Saloon website or iTunes. These shows were designed to be EXCLUSIVE SHOWS ONLY AVAILABLE in the donation pak's.

Do I have to donate to get NITRATE?
--Yes. If you enjoy The Hollywood Saloon and would like to help keep the show alive and producing new content, Nitrate is a way for the Saloon to say thank you for your financial contribution.

YOU'VE JUST DONATED.. but wait..

I donated but did not automatically receive the LINK to the Nitrate pages. WTF?
--No problem, just contact us and we will guarantee that you will receive the needed info. to download NITRATE ASAP. Contact us at

When I downloaded one of the shows it was cut short. What Happened?
--If your show isn't the full promised running time, please try and re-download the file from the NITRATE pages. This is sometimes a common occurence with heavy traffic to the site. If after extended attempts this does not fix itself, please contact us at

I went to download the NITRATE shows but it said the site was down. What up wit dat?
--This should not be an issue. If it is, please accept our apologies and know that measures are underway to correct this problem. Visit the Hollywood Saloon FORUM to get any updates. Also feel free to contact us at


You barely spent any time at all discussing my favorite film from the 90s. Why the gloss over?
--We are sorry about that, but the DECADE series is meant to get a grasp on an entire decade, not individual specific films. If we spent time discussing every film released in the decade in full, this show would be a thousand hours. We could spend a couple of hours OR MORE discussing most indivdual films as is. Sure we highlight certain films more than others, but as this is a show with a SIBS like whiff to it (meaning it's our opinions which shows are worth discussing more than others) we simply cannot dwell on any specific films. There is always the possibility that your film or films we glossed over might get a more detailed discussion in the future on another show.

Will there always be BONUS Shows in future donation paks?
--YES. There will always be BONUS SHOWS in all of our donation paks. There may even be more than 1 in the future. maybe lots. Maybe even things that defy logic and reason. Ya never know.

In the next donation pak what Decade will you be covering?
--At this moment we are not 100% sure, but we are leaning toward the 1980s.

When will the NEXT donation pak be available? GIMME MORE !!!!
--The next donation pak is already in pre-production. It will NOT be released in 2011. Current expected release is SPRING 2012.


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